Learning course

▼We have four learning courses

There are four learning courses according to the month of admission( April, July, October, January),which are 2-year course, 1 year and 9 months course, 1 year and 6 months course , 1 year and 3 months course. All courses  are for going on to higher education such as graduate universities, universities, vocational schools.

▼Learning periods and goals

Month of admission period Maximum number of students Goals
April 2 years 74               University / Graduate School
July 1 year and 9months 40 University / Vocational School
October  1 year and 6 months 76 University / Vocational School
January  1 year and 3 months 96 Vocational School
To apply for graduate university or university admission, you need  Certificate of passing of JLPT N1 or EJU (Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students) exam results.

To apply for vocational school admission, you need Certificate of passing of JLPT N2.

▼Application period


Learning course Month of admission Application  period (only as a guide)
2-year couse April From September to November
1 year and 9 months course July From December to March
1 year and 6 months course October From March to June
1 year and 3 months course January From June to September

▼Required documents

1.  Application for admission(1) [ PDF / Excel ] Application for admission(2) [ PDF / Word ]
2.  Graduation certificate of final education  (student ID card if you haven’t graduated yet)
3.  Academic transcript of final education
4.  8 face photos taken within 3 months(4cm x 3cm)
5.  A copy of the passport page with immigration records.
6.  Certificate of completion of the Japanese language course in home country
7.  Certificate of Japanese Language Proficiency (Results of JLPT or other exams)
8.  A written oath [ PDF / Word ]
9.  Statement of financial support [ PDF / Excel ]
10.  Documents proving the relationship between the expense supporter and the applicant (an extract copy of family register,etc)
11.  A copy of the bank deposit balance certificate and deposit passbook of the expense supporter indicating the transaction status

12. The expense supporter’s certificate of employment and certificate of income of the past 3 years  (if necessary, business license, tax   payment certificate,etc.)


* Please pay the applicaton fee of ¥50,000 along with the above required documents.

* Please note that the application fee will not be refunded for any reason.