▼What kind of course we have

we prepare Advancement courses for you. We will support you to learn Japanese so that you can advance next school where you can study for your dream. We offer you to enter our school in April, in July, in October and in January.

▼Admission term and Recruitment capacity(As of July 3,2020)

Admission term Term Recruitment capacity Course
April 2 years 74               For graduate schools, universities  *in principle
July 1.9 years 40 For universities, vocational schools
October 1.6 years 76 For universities, vocational schools
January 1.3 years 96 For vocational schools (who has N3 level)
For entering next schools
*1 Students who want to go to University must have JLPT N1 or EJU transcript of results.
*2 Students who want to go to Vocational school must have JLPT N2

▼Application acceptance period

During the period below considering when you want to enter, please hand in the needed documents and application fee.

Course Admission term Application acceptance period
Go-on to college course for two years April From September until November
Go-on to college course for one year and 9 months July From December until March
Go-on to college course for one year and 6 months October From March until June
Go-on to college course for one year and 3 months January From June until September

▼Required documents (Now requesting)

1.  Application for admission [ PDF / Excel ] Application form [ PDF / Word ]
2.  Graduation Certificate of the highest education (If you are about to graduate at the time of enrollment, please submit a certificate of student status)
3.  Academic transcript of your last education (all semesters)
4.  8 photos (4cm X 3cm, taken within 3 months)
5.  A copy of passport (including all previous departure and entry pages)
6.  Certificate of completion of Japanese course in home country.
7.  Certificate of Japanese Proficiency (JLPT or other certificates)
8.  Written oath [ PDF / Word ]
9.  Financial support statement [ PDF / Excel ]
10.  Documents that prove relationship between financial supporter and applicant.
11.  A copy of supporter’s bank book and account balance from your country.
12.  A statement of the supporter’s current employment and a statement of income within the last 3 years (If your financial support is self-employed, please provide business license and tax payment certificate)
13.  Application fee 50,000 (application fee should be paid when hand in the documents)

※ Application fee will not be refunded even if the Certificate of Eligibility is not issued.