Education Policy

Education for getting the fulfilling communication skill

▼main policy

 We offer you that you can improve your japanese skill as soon as possible, and we make you keep in mind to communicate in Japanese daily.
1) Using five senses, receive others’ intents properly, communicate with others properly.
2) Getting Japanese customs and knowing Japanese culture, strive for mutual understanding and learn respect mind.

▼Education for getting 5 skills

 Normally there are 4 skills like “reading”, “writing”, “listening”, and “speaking”. We add “thinking” -getting thinking skill, we would like you to get 5 skills.

▼activity in the classroom

In the classroom, we let you focus on how to describe what you want to convey to other people.
1) Education with Peer Learning method
2) Education for getting 5 skills by doing Project Works or Speech competition and so on.