The greeting of our headmaster

Headmaster Nishimura Shusaku

     Higashi Shinjuku Japanese Language School is near Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office and face to the Toyama park where is a beautiful place with greenery. Close by are 19 Universities and Colleges where many of  our graduate international students are attending. Moreover, the traffic is so convenient. (It takes only 3 min from subway Higashi Shinjuku Station, 15 min from JR Yamanote Line Shin-Okubo Station). Our school educate Japanese language and Japanese culture which will be requested by those Universities, Colleges and Vocational schools. Our students can improve Japanese skills along with enjoying their life in Japan. We cultivate the academic ability required for Japan colleges, graduate schools and vocational schools, and the faculty and staff provide classes that are worth fulfilling the desires of foreign students.

The spirit of Education

The support for improving communication skills

1. Higashi Shinjuku Japanese Language School’s primary philosophy of education is helping students acquire Japanese ability, especially communication skill, as quickly as possible
1) Education of the habit of taking other parties’ intention exactly through various tools that people have been using in society, such as “Perception, Feeling, Thoughts, Communication, Language, Literature, Vision, Hearing”.
2) Education of mutual understanding and respected communication by obtaining culture and custom knowledge
2. Education of 5 Japanese skills
In general education, reading, writing, listening and speaking are always considered as 4 basic skills. However, we added “thinking development” as the fifth skill in the Japanese education.
3. Classroom activities focus on how to describe what you want to convey to other people
1) Teaching and learning using peer-learning method.
2) Improving 5 skills through Project Work Speech Contest.

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